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ACIGS Webinar on double lining systems utilizing geomembranes

Eric Blond

ACIGS Webinar on: "Double lining systems utilizing geomembranes and geosynthetic drains: why are they so much better?"

In this webinar, we will show why double lining systems offer a significantly better performance than single liners, when the performance sought is the mass of liquid that can flow into the environment.

The most common types of geosynthetic lining systems will be presented: simple liner, composite, double, or double composite. The benefits of superposing different layers of geosynthetics to minimize the transmission of liquids or contaminants through a liner will be explained: contribution of each geomembrane, of the primary and the secondary drainage layer, of the underlying soil or GCL.

Elements of design specific to double lining systems will be presented, and in particular the hydraulic design of secondary drainage layers.

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