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GeoAsia 7 - Taipei, Taiwan

Two Special Sessions and a Keynote Lecture organized by the Technical Committee on Hydraulics

Wednesday, November 2; 14:40 – 16:10

TC-H Session #1: seepage control in canals

Moderator: Eric Blond – Chairman, Technical Committee on Hydraulics

Canal lining using geomembranes

Hervé Plusquellec

Long-term integrity of canals lined with geosynthetics

Catrin Tarnowski, Adam Maskal (Solmax)

Bituminous Geomembrane for waterproofing large canals

Pau LLINAS, Bertrand Breul (Coletanche)

Geosynthetic Clay liners – Sustainable and resilient barriers for hydraulic engineering applications

Kent Von Maubeuge (Naue)

Wednesday, November 2; 16:30 – 18:00

TC-H Session #2: Erosion control in canals

Moderator: Markus Wilke – Vice-Chairman, Technical Committee on Hydraulics

Overview of geosynthetics products for erosion control in irrigation channels

Pietro Rimoldi(consultant)

Green revetment solution for inland waterway protection

Tan Jun Yuen (TenCate)

Erosion protection of overtopping sections with concrete mattresses

Simon Ebbert (Huesker)

Erosion Protection and Sealing with Geosynthetic Concrete Mattresses along Rivers and Channels in Taiwan

Marie-Therese Hortmann

Thursday, November 3, 13:00 – 14:00

Keynote Lecture V supported by TC-H

Moderator: Eric Blond – Chairman, Technical Committee on Hydraulics

Geosynthetics in canals: applications and performance

JP Giroud

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