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IGS-Supported Special Session on Geosynthetics

ICID Conference 2021, Marrakesh, Morocco – November 25

Most presentations are available for download from the IGS TC-H web page!

Session #1 – Geosynthetics for reservoirs and water conservation

  • Keynote speaker: JP Giroud: Geosynthetics for water conservation [PDF]

  • Alberto Scuero –Carpi: PVC Geosynthetic Barriers for reservoirs and dams [PDF]

  • Catrin Tarnowski –Solmax: 40 years of Water Conservation with Polyethylene Barriers

  • Kent Von Maubeuge –Naue: Geosynthetic Clay liners –Sustainable and resilient barriers for hydraulic engineering applications [PDF]

  • Bertrand Breul–Coletanche: Use of Bituminous Geomembrane (BGM) In Water Storage Reservoirs [PDF]

  • Carl Charpentier –Alphard: Ensuring leak-proof reservoirs with geo-electrical leak detection surveys on exposed or covered geomembranes [PDF]

Session #2 – Geosynthetics for erosion control

  • Keynote speaker: Pietro Rimoldi: Overview of Geosynthetics Products for Erosion Control on Slopes and on River/Channel Banks [PDF]

  • Simon Ebbert –Huesker: Erosion protection of overtopping sections with concrete mattresses [PDF]

  • Will Crawford –Concrete Canvas: The use of Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCM’s) for Erosion Control Applications

  • Edwin Zengerink –TenCate: Geosystems for Shoreline Protection [PDF]

  • Eyal Blatman –PRS: Slope Protection using NPA Geocells

  • Paolo Di Pietro –Maccaferri: Experiences on the combined use of gabions, mattresses and geomats for erosion control in natural and artificial water courses [PDF]

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