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Canal Lining Session at the GeoAmericas Conference 2020 (Full recording of the presentations)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I had the honor of collaborating with Pietro Rimoldi (then Chair of the TC-H) to organize a special session on canal lining technologies at the GeoAmericas 2020 Conference on behalf of the Technical Committee on Hydraulics of the IGS.

More than 180 geosynthetics and canal lining professional have attended the session! The Organizing Committee of GeoAmericas 2020 has authorized further use of the recording of these presentations, which are therefore listed below for convenience.

Click on the title of the presentation to access the video (hosted by third parties).

1- Irrigation Canals Lining: Moving from a Short- to Long-Term Effectiveness of Seepage Control with the Use of Geosynthetics

H. Plusquellec, Consultant, USA; and E. Blond, Consultant, Canada

2- The use of GCCMs (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats) for lining Irrigation Canals as an alternative to conventional concrete

W. C. Crawford, Concrete Canvas Ltd, UK; and L. K. Church, Concrete Canvas Ltd, UK

3- Canal lining with EPDM geomembranes

B. Amat, Firestone Building Products EMEA, Belgium

4- Use of Bituminous Geomembrane (BGM) to Waterproof Large Canals

B. Breul, Axter, France; and E. Escobar, Axter Ibérica, Chile

5- Geosynthetic canal linings in combination with in-situ concrete

M. Wilke, HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, Germany

6- Lessons Learned from a 25-year-old Textured HDPE Canal Liner with Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete Armoring Layer in the Putah South Canal in California

A.K. Maskal, Solmax Geosynthetics, USA

Conference web page:

For more information on IGS - TC-H:

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